Discover Our Free Transportation and Hazmat Training Resources 

On behalf of Acrisure Truck Group and Acrisure Risk Resource, we are excited to introduce you to a selection of valuable free resources provided by RRL Insurance. These resources aim to enhance transportation safety and hazmat training, ensuring compliance with federal laws and regulations within your organization. In this blog, we will delve into the details of each resource and explain why it’s beneficial to take advantage of these free tools. 

DOT-PHMSA Hazmat Outreach and Training

Hazmat carriers will find the DOT-PHMSA Hazmat Outreach and Training module highly valuable. This online training resource is designed to educate carriers on transporting hazardous materials safely and in compliance with federal and state regulations. By accessing this training, carriers can stay updated and informed on the latest guidelines, best practices, and legal requirements regarding this line of work. Not only will this knowledge help mitigate risks, but it will also ensure the safety of individuals, the environment, and the overall reputation of your company. 

The Motor Carrier Safety Planner

This online guide provides carriers with comprehensive information, simple explanations, templates, and necessary forms to understand and comply with safety regulations. This resource serves as a go-to reference, making it easier for carriers to navigate through complex regulations and adopt effective safety procedures. Utilizing this guide will help carriers proactively identify areas for improvement, implement safety protocols, and maintain high levels of compliance, reducing the chances of an accident or fine.

FMCSA Resources for Drivers

For drivers operating commercial vehicles, the FMCSA Resources for Drivers website offers a wealth of valuable information and tools. From registration and licensing requirements to safety guidelines, this resource covers a wide range of topics relevant to commercial drivers. By accessing this site, drivers can stay on top of current regulations and ensure they are meeting all necessary requirements. This resource also helps drivers maintain their eligibility to operate commercial vehicles, avoid violations, and contribute to overall transportation safety. 

Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) provides valuable resources for carriers and drivers alike. This platform offers continuous education opportunities, certification training for enforcement personnel, and industry-specific training programs. Carriers can benefit from this tool by accessing industry training modules that enhance the overall safety, compliance standards, and best practices within your organization. This resource is a cost-effective way to upgrade your team’s skills and promote a strong culture of safety. 

Receive Exceptional Service With RRL Insurance

As a company in the transportation industry, it’s essential to leverage the free resources provided by RRL Insurance to enhance your safety, compliance, and overall operational excellence. Moreover, taking advantage of these free resources can help carriers improve their CSA scores as well as mitigate risk. 

At RRL Insurance, our commitment extends far beyond these free resources. We strive to go above and beyond to deliver exceptional service to transportation companies and ensure they are getting the protection they deserve for the best price. Please contact us today to set up an appointment and learn more about our personalized insurance solutions.

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